How Dangerous Is A Sociopath?
There are about 7,347 Billion people populating the earth at this moment and the number is increasing rapidly. Some of these people manipulate and harm others without any sense of guilt or hesitation to fulfill their own needs and relieve their boredom. Their lies and impulsive character can lead to physical and mental abuse explosively, as soon as you begin to defend yourself and they lose control over you. Nonetheless you can get immensely damaged after such an encounter. The chart below, made in 2011, shows you ‘the harm done to people by sociopaths’ for young adults (Age 14-29), as well as adults and elders (Age 30+) in percent.

As you can see, young adults suffer more abuse then older people. Reason for that could be the inexperience with a sociopath or the lack of knowledge about the antisocial personality disorder (APD). There are a few things you can try, to avoid a bad encounter with a sociopath. Sociopaths don’t feel guilt and there is no possibility to reason with them. Do not let the sociopath take control over you. As soon as you feel that the person is manipulating you, you’ll have to stay conscious and retake the control. This can escalate quickly, because the moment they feel loss, sociopaths tend to violent and abusive actions. If your life is threatened you should get assistance from an attorney or the police. You can find more information about sociopaths on our blog, as well as read the books we think illustrative and enlightening.

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