Antisocial personality disorder(ASPD), also known as dissocial personality disorder (DPD) and sociopathy. Sociopath is an individual who struggles (and often fails) to adapt to different behavioral and ethical standards of his/her community. People with this problem might be dangerous for the society and can exhibit criminal behavior, harm others and themselves, and organize dangerous cults. To determine whether a person is a sociopath, you must look for certain signs in him/her. Read on to know about them.

Mannerisms and personality

Sociopaths are typically extremely charismatic and charming. They have magnetic personalities and can generate significant praise and attention from people around them pretty easily. These people are known for having excessively high sexual energy; most of them have unusual sexual fetishes and can even be sex addicts.

Sociopaths rarely get insecure or are shy. You will never see them searching for words. These people find it difficult to suppress emotional responses such as annoyance and impatience. They might develop a seemingly innocent personality with great accuracy; however, that’s nothing but flawless acting. Yes, sociopaths are usually great actors.

Their acting ability makes understanding the actual intent and personality of sociopaths extremely difficult. The only way you can know the true personality of a sociopath is by spending more and more time with the person and observing his or her reactions to different situations for a prolonged period of time. These people often have a personality that’s too good to be true.

Behavior- Sociopaths are known for exhibiting abnormally daring and spontaneous behavior. They have a tendency of doing things busting the realm of some basic social norms. This habit often makes them do outrageous, risky, or bizarre things without thinking what kind of repercussions those deeds may have.

As a result of having the tendency of disregarding social norms and law, sociopaths have a higher chance of becoming criminals than common men. They can be kleptomaniacs, con artists and even murderers. They are great at fabricating stories and making outlandish and untruthful statements.

Sociopaths cannot tolerate boredom. In fact, they get bored pretty easily and for being happy they need constant stimulation. These people care only about their own image and keep no stone unturned for controlling others.

Interaction with other people

Sociopaths are known to possess amazing convincing skills. They can make people do things they want them to do. They manage to do so either by using their charm or by being aggressive. A sociopath never experiences shame or guilt for doing anything bad. They hurt others pretty easily and never ever remorse about such things.

Sociopaths are incapable of loving someone and also lack empathy. As a result, they rarely get involved in a healthy romantic relationship. Another factor that stops these people from having healthy relationship of any kind is their inability of handling criticism.

The above discussion must have helped you to understand that sociopathy is a pretty complex problem. Sociopaths have multiple layers in their personality, which makes it extremely difficult to identify these people. Reading informative books on the subject might help you in understanding sociopaths better. These books, other than making the job of identifying a sociopath easier for you would also teach you how to deal with them efficiently.