How To Defend Yourself Against A Sociopath ?

Sociopaths are known for their lack of empathy and impulsive behavior, manipulating people for their needs by putting on a fake mask, acting spontaneous and charming. The moment you want to free yourself from their cuffs so they cannot control you, sociopaths tend to use verbal as well as physical abuse and cruelty. So how can you defend yourself against a sociopath, what are the most efficient ways to approach an abusive situation and which supplies you could use for your security? As we all know, the safest way to escape an abusive situation is to call the police, friends or family for support. Explain the scenario and tell them about the sociopath threatening you, don’t be afraid. If you encounter a sociopath in public, who tries to lure or hold you against your will, try to get the attention of your surrounding and masses of people. Other people could record the incident on their smartphones, assist you on your way home or even protect and defend you from the ominous sociopaths. Warn them about the tricks of a sociopath and illustrate the consequences of being a sociopath’s victim. These are a few helpful advices, but how can you handle a confrontation with a sociopath by yourself? Image you are returning home late night after work, and there is a charming but suspicious person attempt to manipulate you. After the sociopath seek to hook you and you resist and insist to stop this harassment, they tend to molest or hurt you, because they want to stay dominant. We suggest carrying pepper spray in your bag or backpack. Although the jurisdiction of using such a tool may differ from one country to another, like the 17-year-old Danish girl who got prosecuted for using pepper spray to fight off a rapist, the potential of being victimized is far more dangerous. She had to pay a small fine for using that substance in Denmark, but nonetheless the rapist could vanish from the scene before the police could find and arrest him. In conclusion, your health and safety should be the number one priority! Do you have any advice for us or our readers? Write down your suggestions in the comment section below.

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Sociopaths In Movies

The movie industry is one of the biggest and most popular businesses in today’s world. Sometimes actors fully commit themselves to their roles and art, which create memorable and entertaining moments in movies. Directors and writers create vivid stories for the audience to connect and empathize with. If you are a movie fan, you would appreciate movies like the old comedy-drama-romance ‘Forrest Gump’, the new action movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2’ or the 2000’s crime-drama ‘American Psycho’. They all have something in common, in each of those movies there is a sociopath. Today we are going to look into two movies dealing with sociopaths on different occasions.

American Psycho (2000):
The popular crime drama of the 2000’s, ’American Psycho’, deals with Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale, an investment banker who lives an extraordinary live surrounded by women, money and luxuries. He hides his sociopathic intentions by manipulating, lying, luring people to his mansion, torturing and killing them for his pleasure and to be in control. He doesn’t feel guilt for any cruelty and lacks empathy for his wife, people and animals. His aggressive, anti-social, impulsiveness and reckless behavior are sings for a sociopath. Nonetheless his traits are not indicators for just one category and for that reason he can be described as a psychopath as well. In the end scene Bateman confessed to his lawyer that he has killed a coworker named Paul and enjoyed doing it, but his lawyer told him that he had dinner with Paul a few days ago, which made him believe that his confession has meant nothing. He hid his sociopathic behavior and continued to wear a fake emotional and manipulative state.

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2 (2017)
Almost every superhero has an equally strong villain. Batman and Joker, Flash and Dr. Zoom, Thor and Loki, as well as Xavier and Magneto are just few examples for rivalry in comic book movies. In the new adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, Quill and his friends visit Ego, portrayed by Kurt Russell, an ancient life form, planet and Quill’s father at the same time. I know it’s difficult to comprehend, but my goal is to present parallels between Ego and a sociopath, so you can differentiate how a father figure turned out to be an emotionless and dangerous being. He manipulated Quill’s believes by showing him his home planet and what he can create while staying with Ego. He lied about the feelings towards Quill’s mother, by presenting her as his one and only love, and forced him to stay on Ego. Furthermore Ego wanted Quill to learn his new powers, but in reality he needed his energy to sustain his life form and evolve. After Quill’s friends found out that Ego killed his own children to gain power, they managed to save him, but lost a great friend, while fleeing from this planet and destroying Ego.
Like you can see, there are different representations of a sociopath in movies. But they all have something in common, which you have to find out by yourself. Every encounter with a sociopath teaches us valuable lessons. If you have any movies with sociopaths you can share them with us in the comment section below.

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How Dangerous Is A Sociopath?
There are about 7,347 Billion people populating the earth at this moment and the number is increasing rapidly. Some of these people manipulate and harm others without any sense of guilt or hesitation to fulfill their own needs and relieve their boredom. Their lies and impulsive character can lead to physical and mental abuse explosively, as soon as you begin to defend yourself and they lose control over you. Nonetheless you can get immensely damaged after such an encounter. The chart below, made in 2011, shows you ‘the harm done to people by sociopaths’ for young adults (Age 14-29), as well as adults and elders (Age 30+) in percent.

As you can see, young adults suffer more abuse then older people. Reason for that could be the inexperience with a sociopath or the lack of knowledge about the antisocial personality disorder (APD). There are a few things you can try, to avoid a bad encounter with a sociopath. Sociopaths don’t feel guilt and there is no possibility to reason with them. Do not let the sociopath take control over you. As soon as you feel that the person is manipulating you, you’ll have to stay conscious and retake the control. This can escalate quickly, because the moment they feel loss, sociopaths tend to violent and abusive actions. If your life is threatened you should get assistance from an attorney or the police. You can find more information about sociopaths on our blog, as well as read the books we think illustrative and enlightening.

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How to Identify a SOCIOPATH

There are a lot of sociopaths in our society, which makes it difficult to sport one. TopTenz, a Youtuber, made a video titled 10 ways to identify a sociopath within your social environment.

The Nurture Room (Child Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

This official BBC documentary film provides a look into the lives of troubled children, as they go on their journey back to full mental state. Teachers and parents share their experience living with this type of children.

A country for sociopaths by sociopaths

This VLOG is a short depiction of the world we live in today through the eyes of Ethan and Hila Klein, who have a successful YouTube Channel. They present you the businessman Martin Shkreli, who raised the AIDS-Drug from an affordable price to 750$. His actions may be common attributes for a sociopath, by endangering the lives of others without guilt.

Are You A Sociopath? (QUIZ)

Here are Rhett and Link the minds behind GoodMythicalMorning presenting you their attempt to test if they are sociopaths themselves.

Confessions of a Sociopath…

The last entry is a short interview with a sociopathic woman, who shares her life experience and interactions with other people. In this interview, her stories showcase you a life through the point of view of a sociopath.

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(All names are fictional)

We asked people from all around the world about their encounters and experiences with sociopaths. We discovered that the majority have had at least one of their family members turned out to be a sociopath. Max talked about his older brother, who could be the best person you could ever meet, until you stopped being of any interest to him. When his brother moved and cut everyone out of his life Max felt relieved, because the incredible verbal and physical abuses as well as the manipulation stopped. His brother killed strays, cats and dogs, and laughed while doing it, because he felt superior towards them. After it would been discovered that he was molesting Max’s half brother and sister, he spent most of his teenage years switching between jails and foster homes. As an adult he joined the military, because he refused to maintain a job. With his violent actions he left many scars behind, on his family, friends and social environment.

These are not unusual behavior patterns for a sociopath. Alexis’ parents are both sociopaths who abused her heavily but masked themselves charming and responsible for others. They lied to Alexis’s friends and social environment and presented themselves as elder and exceptional, so no one would believe Alexis when she would tell them about the abuse. The mother poisoned her cat and threatened her daughter every morning with inappropriate messages of killing her cat. Because of this abuse and irresponsible behavior Alexis never really knew her family. Stories about sociopaths help us to determine how to spot a sociopath and how to behave in certain situations. (If you have relatable experience with sociopaths, you can share them with us in the comment section below. We would be delighted to read your stories).

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This test is made according to the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM) V, used by psychiatrists and psychologists to diagnose mental health disorders, a consistent pattern of deception, including repeated lying, is one of seven key characteristics used to determine psychopathy. The other six are:

*Aggressiveness/irritability, evidenced by physical assaults.

*Consistently irresponsible work and financial behavior.

*Impulsivity/failure to plan ahead.

*Lack of remorse for having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from others, as evidenced by indifference or rationalizing.

*Reckless disregard for one’s own personal safety and the safety of others.

*Repeatedly performing acts that would be grounds for arrest, whether or not the person is actually arrested.

Test yourself now! Don’t wait!

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An average sociopath is very attractive, spontaneous and with peculiar charm. Those natural skills assist to manipulate their fellow men selectively to serve their purposes and needs. It could be the couch-potato who complains about, how hard it would be to find a suitable job, to his/her partner without taking actions or the clinical therapist who plunged a college’s already unstable patient into a mental crisis. To determine what motivates a sociopath to dissocial behavior as well as how to handle situations when one encounters conscienceless responses, you might find the modern psychologist and author, Martha Stout’s “The Sociopath Next Door” enriching and extremely helpful. The author looks back at her 25-years therapeutic experience, providing the reader with knowledge of sociopaths and authentic information. She underlines the different aspects of sociopathic behavior, how do they appeal other people, how they treat you to fufill their needs and how you can prepare yourself for an encounter with a sociopath. The fact that in a group of 25 people there will be at least one sociopath is terrefing. To find out more about this disorder you may find our analytical blogs edifying and instructional. Tell us about your experiences with sociopaths and how you acted at that moment.

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