Master Dealing with Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Narcissists – A Handbook for the Empath

This handbook was compiled by a once-naïve empath who encountered psychopaths in various avenues of the author’s life: heart broken, illusions stripped away, career path shattered, and a radical transformation undergone. Somewhere in an abyss of self-searching darkness, the author was finally able to put the puzzle together with the help of an inkling of spiritual insight and wisdom, as well as our common human will to rebound, rebuild, regenerate and re-strategize.

This instinct led to an obsessive quest to devour information through forums, books, resources, consultations. The author read over almost all available resources – from the scientific, to the practical, to the spiritual and esoteric. Thousands of hours spent in understanding the subject matter – all with the goal to provide you with a handy guide that is practical, simple and extremely useful.

Cheat Sheet: Master Dealing with Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Narcissists – A Handbook for the Empath … is meant as a solid guide for empathetic individuals that you can reference over and over again. It is written with the aim to help empaths navigate this hidden terrain with practicality and total clarity.

The goal for the guide is to:

1. Have an effective reminder to reference and read, again and again, especially at moments when at risk of a fall into the internal battle of controlling our “niceness” to the undeserving.

2. Thoroughly analyze and summarize the modus operandi of this type of being, giving the empath a counter-method of operation; to review again and again as a lifetime reminder.


✓ A critical list of points to read when feeling irresolute on the NCEA rule.

✓ The Psychopath pattern and method of operation at work, romance and other domains.

✓ How to repel, defend against, and ensure they can never impact you again.

✓ How to change your own mental conditioning so you are immune to their tactics.

✓ The underlying principles to influence the psychopath in the short-term and in unavoidable situations.

✓ How to maneuver yourself out of their webs.

✓ A concise but thorough summary to identify them – from experts such as Hare, Sheridan, Stout, and more.

✓ 4 strategies to get over them in real life.

And much much more…

The author plans to research additional topics that are important to the empath, and include them in constant future updates. For existing buyers, however, the eBook is a one-time low cost, and new updates will be free to view. Get this now while you can!

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