How to Spot a Sociopath


Sociopaths look just like normal people since they do not have a sign on their forehead describing their character trait. In order to identify and understand such people you need to think outside what you have seen in the media. Majority of sociopaths are not imprisoned and deranged murderers. It is likely they will be a family member, ex, friend or coworker who gives you a headache. You will walk away from them with the feeling of self-consciousness, confusion or doubting your intuition. So what does a person do to know how to spot a sociopath? There are some signs you can look for such as:

Rule breaking tendencies

If the person you suspect is a follower of rules and follows them to the letter, chances are very low they are sociopaths. Such people loathe authority. Sociopaths usually see themselves as above the rules or law. That may be the reason why about a quarter of male criminals in jail qualify as sociopaths. All the same, there are those that are able to avoid going to jail while still breaking laws and rules and never seem to have hang-ups about their actions.

Irresponsibility and impulsivity

Anyone with either of these characteristics should be considered to have sociopathic tendencies. They do not seem to see anything wrong with how they behave in this world. Sociopaths are usually popular for their lack of responsibility when it comes to repercussions of decisions they make. If the individual you suspect has a tendency to be impulsive and irresponsible and not consider these actions as negative, they have sociopathic tendencies. These are the people who impulsively decide they do not want to go to work or feel it is okay to have a drink early in the morning. They are the opposite of someone who is dependable and reliable.

They turn people against each other

When you come into contact with a sociopath, you may notice you do not like people you just met. A sociopath is known to whisper gossip and poison into the ears of everyone. This in turn makes everyone feel suspicious and jealous of each other. This is usually done under an innocence guise such as using pseudo-concern and sad stories to warp your perception.

Grandiose self-perception

Sociopaths usually are of the belief they are more powerful and smarter than they actually are. They will like hanging around people who are successful in a bid to raise their status. Such people believe they should be treated special. The inflated sense of self-importance usually leads to a crack in their normalcy mask. If you do not have any status or value to offer them they are likely to step on your toes.

Insincere charm

A sociopath with put on a mask of normality which is pleasant and likable similar to what actors do. He will generally appeal to everyone and is known to be the life of the party. They use their influence of making people like them to allow them to manipulate the same people in the future. They naturally draw people towards them and they exude an air of confidence. They may even be relative successful and have a stable job. In short, they may have the appearance of being the model citizen.

How to defend

Well, you don’t know what to expect from the upcoming day. But if something bad happens, you’d rather have this litle thingy in your bag or backpack!

More information

The best way to know how to spot a sociopath is by reading books about them. There are many good books that can give you an in-depth analysis on how to go about this. Usually they are written by experts on the field who have decades of experience.